Why Do Athletes Have Special Needs?

Our body is very valuable and it is necessary to direct all our attention to take care of it as it deserves.

It supports us, takes us here and there. We must realize that without our body none of this would be possible. We are all one!

Have you ever heard the saying "Well body, well mind"?

Well, that is the basis of any sport practice. As a matter of fact, from childhood we are constantly in motion, we are nourished and we learn by moving, running, falling, etc.

As we grow up, our personality is defined and asserted. Of all the sports we have tried and practiced, we choose some... according to our time, desires and possibilities (indeed, it is difficult to surf in the countryside or ski in Normandy). Many factors influence our pace and choice of sports.

And finally, just like life, the body goes through cycles, so our desires and performances increase, decrease and simply change.

Whatever the sport you practice: cross fit, fitness, yoga, swimming, rugby, weight training, field hockey, soccer, jogging, tennis, boxing, surfing, etc. and its frequency, all of them require your muscles, joints, your skin accompanies you through each of your movements.

That's why your body deserves the best expertise and the best products.

A complete range that accompanies you in your sports practices, not only during the workout but also afterwards, is essential to optimize your experience and encourage you to continue.

When resting, the body is more relaxed, the muscles are relaxed, the skin is less stressed and stretched. It is therefore necessary to have an adequate preparation and warm-up to put it in motion while respecting its natural rhythm and to help it reach the optimal conditions for the physical exercise it will undergo. Also, during and after exercise, our blood circulation is modified, our joints and muscles are stimulated and our skin is strained, so we must regain our balance.

All your body's needs can then be met by one of our CBD-enriched products:

-HEAT to help warm up and prepare with our Warming Balm

-SOOTHING for your muscles and joints with our Cooling Balm

-an instant RELIEF for your muscles and a better circulation with our Cryogenic Gel

-deep RECOVERY and HYDRATION with our Relaxing Oil

-RELAXATION for your muscles and HYDRATION for your skin with our Relaxing Cream

Don't wait any longer to take care of yourself and order your customized Hemp+ Sport products!